How to encourage customer survey participation

  1. Explain the benefits that the customer will enjoy as a result of participating in the customer survey. Examples may include:
    • Improved service
    • Improved products
    • Pricing structure that is more consistent with competitors and the level of service that they receive
  1. Target your audience for the customer survey via the most suitable communications channel
  2. "Honestly, flatter your recipients" - explain that they are you most valued customers which is why you are doing the customer survey with them
  3. Incentives for participation
  4. Prize draw for participation
  5. Charitable donation for doing the customer survey
  6. Assurances of confidentiality when taking part in the customer survey
  7. Explanation of how the customer survey findings will be used
  8. Endorsement by a figurehead, such as your CEO, at the start of your customer survey
  9. Asking nicely! You may want to employ people to hand out the survey
  10. Keep the survey short
  11. Provide a deadline for the customer survey response
  12. Clean up your contacts - to ensure the customer survey actually reaches its target destination
  13. Illustrate actions from the last customer survey
  14. Chase up respondents - a courtesy call or email reminder might lift customer survey response rates