Customer survey planning

Planning your customer survey project

So you've decided to conduct a customer survey. Below is an example of what you need to consider when conducting a customer survey with a third party provider. If you decide to run your survey yourself more...

Customer survey checklist

Customer survey checklist and case study

This is a guide to help you identify what you want to achieve by conducting customer satisfaction survey, it has been populated with a case study to explain why certain decision were made in the customer satisfaction survey design and implementation more...

Customer survey questions

Sample customer survey questions

Knowing the right questions to ask in your customer survey is difficult. Below is an example of a customer survey where the questions are based on categories that may be important to your organisation more...

Customer survey contact

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Customer survey articles

Customer survey case studies

Learn from the experiences of other organisations in how conducting a customer satisfaction survey has helped their organisation more... 

Sample customer survey invitation

Sample email invitation to your online customer feedback survey more... 

Top 7 reasons why people want to conduct a customer survey

With a customer survey, you can discover where to target improvement initiatives by revealing how satisfied clients are with their experience with you, your products and services more... 

How to encourage customer survey participation

Explain the benefits that the customer will enjoy as a result of participating in the customer survey more...


Customer Satisfaction Survey

A Customer Survey allows you to understand how your clients view your products, services and customer support. You can find out what clients consider as priorities for business improvement. A customer survey can also go one step further to reveal which clients represent profit and growth and which clients are at risk of dumping you.

A Customer Survey can be:

  • a cost effective way of establishing customers satisfaction with:
    • the customer experience (responsiveness, reliability, competance & empathy of your staff)
    • satisfaction with price, quality & service
    • emotional engagement (trust & commitment to your brand)
    • future purchasing behaviour
    • customisable - you can tailor the language so it speaks to your industry, add your own free text questions and branding
    • used to reveal a Net Promoter Score* indicating which of your clients would be advocates for your brand
    • quick and simple to understand if traffic light coding is used to present your results
    • a conversation starter for senior management to secure investment for improvement initiatives

For more information about a Customer Survey please contact

* Net Promoter is a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems, inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld

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